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This test applies your results from the Psychological assessment to help you identify job families and occupations that are a good fit for your reported personality type. This Report Can Help You : Identify job families, or broad occupational categories, to help get you started in your career search. Choose a specific job or career. Select a college major or course of study. Identify strengths and potential weaknesses of your personality type for the career search process. Enhance your job satisfaction. Make a career transition or shift. Plan your career development strategy and action steps.


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CamPLUS is an offering from ME Educational Technologies and Consultancy Services, LLP for trainers and students. It is a teacher student marketplace where online courses/tutions/online tests/workshops can be uploaded and set for students to buy and take. Placement Preparation Courses are offered free of cost to all students by CamPLUS directly. Using these, students can prepare for their upcoming campus placements. There are a series of online tests and presentations for the students to try and practice. The topics covered are 1. Aptitude Tests including Numerical and Mental Ability 2. Verbal Reasoning and Logical Reasoning Tests 3. CV Writing 4. Group Discussion Preparation 5. Personal Interview Skills

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